The Department was first founded at the Gazi Institute of Education as the “Institute of Mathematics”, in 1943 and then merged to the Faculty of Sciences in 1952. The Deparment progressed rapidly and took part in the development of the Mathematics Departments of the other Universities of Turkey. The Major Scientific Branches of the Deparment are Algebra and Numbers Theory , Theory of Real and Complex Functions, Geometry, Fundamentals of Mathematics and Mathematical Logic, Applied Mathematics, Functional Analysis and Topology.



The Department admits appoximately 120 undergraduate students every year. The B. Sci. degree in Mathematics is granted to a candidate, who has fulfilled the requirements of the undergraduate Mathematics curriculum, as well as satisfying the general requirements for this degree. The Department also offers M.S. and Ph.D programs in all areas of Mathematics.

Starting with the academic year of 2016-2017, our department offers a B.S. degree program  in Mathematics teaching in English with an enrollment quota of 60 domestics and 15 international students.  For the program in English, students will be admitted to B.S. program according to the exam results obtained from Ankara University Examination for Foreign Students (AYÖS) and other equivalent exams (SAT I, ACT, International Baccalaureate, ABITUR, etc.) For application details please visit:


Typical Fields of Employment

Mathematicians, who have Pedagogy Certificate, can be employed as Mathematics Teachers at high schools. By improving their computer programming abilities, graduates can also work as computer specialists in various state and private sector organizations.



Besides the undergraduate education, various scientific research are carried out on applied mathematicts, real and complex analysis, functional analysis, algebra, geometry and topology. For the recent researches and specific areas of the research interests, please visit Research/Publications link and academic members pages from the Academic Staff link