Mathematics is undoubtedly essential for natural, life and social sciences. Therefore, the main mission of the Mathematics Department is to offer high quality teaching and research to all its undergraduate and graduate students.

The department aims not only to teach the main ideas and methods of mathematics but also to build up student’s mathematical reasoning and analytical skills in a convenient environment.

The Department offers a rich variety of undergraduate courses which are designed to prepare students for graduate study in mathematics or in related areas of the natural sciences, social sciences and engineering.

BS program provides a good foundation for those who wish to pursue careers in research, or in related areas of science and technology. Mathematicians, who have Pedagogy Certificate, are also employed as Mathematics Teachers at high schools.


The vision of the department is to be recognized nationally and internationally for its excellence in research and teaching.

The department aspires, with its well-known experienced faculty, to be a valuable and expert resource in the community and academia.



Besides the Undergraduate and Graduate education, various scientific research are carried out on applied mathematicts, real and complex analysis, functional analysis, algebra, geometry and topology. For the recent researches and specific areas of the research interests, please visit academic members pages from the Academic Staff link.

The Department has the international journal COMMUNICATIONS published semiannualy in English since 1948. The journal publishes original research papers in different branches of science ( Communications, Faculty of Science, University of Ankara Series A1:Mathematics and Statistics –  Communications, Faculty Of Science, University of Ankara Series A2-A3:Physics, Engineering Physics, Electronic Engineering, Astronomy, Geological Engineering and Geophysical Engineering- Communications, Faculty Of Science, University of Ankara Series B: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering-Communications, Faculty Of Science, University of Ankara Series C: Biology ).

Manuscripts of papers intended for publication should be prepared according to the instructions given in the Journal page.

The journal is indexed and abstracted by Mathematical Reviews, Zentralblatt MATH